So...thinking about a side hustle, eh?

Oh girl, I feel you! Side hustles are DEFINITELY the new thing in business and everyone who seems to be ANYONE has a side hustle. Heck, this coaching gig is MY side hustle. So let's make sure we get you off on the right foot with your new passion project!

First things first, it's okay to not know what you're supposed to do. Most of us don't know what we're doing. That's why we're out here on the internet trying to figure it all out. Hello, Google University, just looking to expand my education here! Don't be afraid to spend a little time learning about the field that you want to get into. It never hurts to do a few Google searches, Pinterest hunts, and a online window shopping. That way we can gather information and know where a good starting point should be.

Now I will say this, there are a few different types of Side Hustles out there but today, I'm going to focus on one that you're truly passionate about. We all know about Uber, Instacart, and other gig work that people use for side hustles but today, this message is for those Side Hustlers who want to make it their full time gig but they want to start smaller and ease their way into entrepreneurship!

Let's do some brainstorming. So get out the closest piece of paper or open the Notes app on your phone and jot this stuff down. Having the information below figured out, will make those action steps at the end, just that much easier for us!



  • How much time can I commit weekly to my side hustle?

  • Will I take it seriously as a business or is it more of a hobby?

  • If it's currently a hobby but you're ready to monetize it, how can you do that?

  • Will you be doing this on your own or with a partner or two?

  • What is your objective or goal with starting a side hustle? (more money, fame, a career you enjoy?) Write them ALL down!

Once you have all of that figured out, you're going to move onto some action steps. I'm a Coach/Mentor who loooooooooves taking action! So here's what you can work on once you have a clear idea about where you're headed with your side hustle.

Action Steps:

  1. What Product or Service are you offering? What makes it special. THINK this one through all the way. Think of any alternatives you want to offer and even what you DON'T want to offer. It's equally important to know what you want and what you don't want.

  2. Identify if you're helping your customer by either a) removing something that is causing them pain or help them to stop the issue or b) giving them something th