Controlling Anxiety in Uncertain Times

Right now we're all dealing with some really stressful times. The onset of the coronavirus has had a major impact on a lot of people especially those whom I work with in the salon world. Due to many cities and states instituting a shelter in place order, many salons have been forced to close their doors with no end date in sight.


So what should someone do in this case?

Well I myself am a highly anxious person, and I have dealt with that for many years and I'm not going to lie and say that I have some perfect recipe but I will be able to share some of the things that have helped me during this difficult time and that I hope help you.


Ways to Work Through Anxiety:

1. Breathe

Take long deep breaths. Count to 5 as you do this and watch your diaphragm expand. exhale out for a total count of 5 as well and really push your belly in as far as you can.

Doing this calms the nervous system.

2. Talk to Someone

Reach out to a friend, I loved one, your therapist, a coach, and tell them how you're feeling and what support you need right now.

When we talk about our feelings we are able to process them a lot faster.

3. Best Case - Worst Case - Most Like

A lot of times what we end up doing in situations like this is catastrophizing. we like to think of the worst case scenario and take it even bigger than that. So just ask yourself what is the worst that can happen, what is the best that can happen, and what is the most likely to happen.

When we focus on what's most likely to happen it's the realest scenario that we know we can deal with.

4. Journaling

One of the best ways to process feelings without having to talk to another individual, is to journal. there's always a best time for everybody, it may be in the morning for you, or it may be in the evening for you. I typically need to journal in times of high stress because I need to process my feelings.

When you put your feelings down in writing your brain is able to process the emotions and help file it away in your brains file cabinet.

5. Abstaining from Social Media or News

I don't know about you but I can't spend hours watching the news, or scrolling on social media right now. Creating some distance between that part of life and my everyday life in my house is what I can manage at the moment. I do however find that working on my coaching Instagram and my hair Instagram does give me a sense of accomplishment and a connection to a community online.

Social media doesn't have to bog you down it can be used for good as well.

6. Doing an Activity You Enjoy