frequently asked questions about IBE

I'm a lover of hair extensions ever since I put them on myself back in early 2019! 

I've decided to become certified in Invisible Bead Extensions, which I believe is the most comfortable, safe, and hidden method for hand-tied hair extensions. 

How much does it cost?

The hair can range anywhere between $500 - $1300, depending on the number of rows and length desired.

Typical Cost: $750 - 900

(for 16-18" 2 rows)

Hair is usually good for

9 - 12 months 

(based on home care)

What is the maintenance?

Typically my guests come back to the salon every 7-8 weeks for a move up appointment. 

At this appointment, we just move up your extensions, that's all! 

Move ups range from $150 - $350, depending on how many rows you have. 

Who is a good candidate for IBE?

Anyone who is looking for longer or fuller looking hair.  I want you to feel confident in your choice to get extensions and feel like the beautiful babe you are! 

If you just want fuller hair,

1 row is best. 

If you want longer and fuller hair,

2 rows is best. 

Those with extremely fine hair are not the best candidate. 

How do I make an appointment?

Just click on the link below and get your FREE Extension Care Guide and I'll reach out to book your consultation. 

The consultation happens either in person or on a video call. We chat about your hair and answer any questions. 

***Note I must see your hair in person and a non-refundable $500 retainer fee is required for all installations.


Want a FREE hair extension care guide?

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