Fun Facts About Me:

  • I grew up in a small town

  • I have 16 tattoos 

  • Mama of 1

  • I'm a Libra, Gemini Rising, Moon in Sagittarius (***if you're into that)

  • I'm a published Pinup Model

About Me

Since 2014, I've been working in the beauty industry, after deciding to quit the corporate world, and in 2019 I began my coaching career after years of advising other beauty professionals. 


In early 2020, I graduated from the JRNI Coaching Program and received my certification. I'm so excited to take my passion about helping other mothers and women reach their career goals through a career transition. I changed my life when I changed the trajectory of my own career. I was tired of the corporate wheelhouse and how much I HATED it there. I knew I needed something creative, something fun, something that felt like I was making a difference.


Whether you are just going back to work after your maternity leave, you want to only work part time but still make as much money you did full time, or you have a side hustle that you love and want to make that your primary source of income. 


I'm a Disney lover and modern lady with a vintage flair.  I also just happen to have a passion for helping others find their purpose/calling or just get their sh*t together! Motherhood is hard and balancing family life with your career is just as hard. We don't have to do it by ourselves. We can create a community with other like-minded women and take over the world, together!