Exhausted from never having enough time to do what you actually  want to be doing with your precious time?

You're in the right place!


Hi! I'm Erin. 

I'm a Productivity Coach, who helps other women who are ready to let go of their perfectionist ways, follow their passions in life, and create more quality time through time saving techniques. 

I believe that we all deserve to be happy in all phases of our lives.  Whether you're a single woman, newly wed, married mama, divorced mama, or an empty-nester. Each phase comes with challenges and I'm on your team. 

My vision is to help over 1,000 women make their lives simpler through my organizational and time saving techniques. 

I do think that you CAN have it all.  We all just need to find the ONE thing we're truly passionate about and the rest, well, we'll figure it out!  I believe we're all out here just trying to BUILD A BETTER LIFE


When you sign up to work with me, whether in one of my free courses, paid courses, programs, or as a one on one client; I'm here for you and your growth. You'll build upon what you already are/have and use those strengths toward things that really matter to you. 



My approach to coaching is simple; we take your strengths and build you up with them. I integrate Positive Psychology techniques in my coaching style as well. I believe that the brain is a powerful tool that if used properly can do outstanding things! 


When you're ready, the world is waiting for you. 


How to Work with Erin


Pursue Your Passion 

A Career Transition Membership

Online Membership for CareerTransitions

Launching in October 2020


One on One Coaching Sessions

Bi-Weekly Guidance for Career Growth

Currently Accepting New Clients

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